The latest trend in HR and staffing technology will be wearable computers, according to Fistful of Talent. These devices can be designed to help temporary workers do specific jobs in the workplace and keep the company lean by providing real-time support a full-time staffer would normally have to offer.

In other words, temporary workers can go about their jobs, and if they need help, they can access a screen on the wearable computer to enable them to find the assistance they require without needing to ask anyone else or bother them. Additionally, they can keep temporary workers safe by monitoring their vital signs, so if they are driving trucks and they show signs of sleepiness, the temporary workers would be obliged to find a place to sleep.

The devices could also be programmed to warn temps if they are getting close to a dangerous part of a factory or something similar.

This future innovation may come sooner than people think. Hiring is picking up, and so many new technologies. CEOs are predicting 2.3 percent GDP growth, according to Business Roundtable's second-quarter 2014 CEO Economic Outlook Survey, reported by Staffing Industry Analysts. This growth means more companies will begin hiring, and in the post-recession economy, one way to stay lean is by outsourcing for those jobs through an employer of record.

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