Employee benefits administrations continue to seek out methods to engage staff during enrollment. Every year, HR professionals look to utilize the same types of techniques to communicate with workers about benefits. One study found that while many of these strategies may be effective, video communication can increase employee engagement and create stronger response rates.

A case study by Flimp Media, a marketing and communications provider, asked 12 employee benefit departments to email interactive video postcards containing 2013 enrollment information to their 79,140 workers. According to the report, 77.14 percent of the video recipients opened and watched the video and spent an average of 2.9 minutes interacting with the enrollment message. 

HR administrations may want to survey employees about how they felt the company's previous enrollment campaign went. If engagement was down and employee benefits administrations saw a low level of response, HR professionals should think about developing new enrollment communication tools to ensure all workers know the enrollment deadline and have the appropriate information to make their benefits decision.

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