U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently updated the I-9 handbook for employers, which addresses topics that were found confusing in the old version, including how to handle name changes, misspellings and correcting mistakes on I-9 forms.

HR administration should take note of new additions to the handbook, including stipulations requiring employers to wait until after an applicant accepts a job to begin the Form I-9 process. Additionally, if copies of employee documents are required for one worker, all workers must be required to have their documents copied, regardless of citizenship status.

Employers will not have to update the Form I-9 when an employee changes his or her name, but the USCIS recommends that they keep note of name changes for their records.

If there is a mistake on the form, the handbook recommends striking a line through the incorrect information, entering the accurate information and initialing and dating it. Employers should not use white-out, and if they did so on previous changes to I-9 forms, they should attach a note explaining what happened. 

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