Temporary workers have long been the ally of companies that need competent and skilled employees, but don't want to make a long-term commitment to them by hiring them on in permanent, full-time positions. Supplemental staffing agencies, also known as an employer of record, understand the value of the partnership between themselves and their clients.

According to CNN, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently as many as 2.9 million people that work in temporary or contract positions.

"Staffing companies are acting like human resource departments," Catherine Ruckelshaus, program director and general counsel at liberal advocacy group the National Law Project, told CNN. "Oftentimes employers start to fill up their payroll with temp and staffing jobs as opposed to permanent positions."

This activity allows a company to meet its daily operational goals, while also saving money with respect to overhead that comes from paying a permanent employee's salary and benefits. This helps add more money to the bottom line while also providing a solution, albeit a temporary one, to inadequate staffing levels.

Typically, there are times when contract workers will be utilized more by companies. The holiday season is one example – particularly when it comes to shipping and delivery service organizations.

A separate article from CNN revealed that United Parcel Service is looking to add up to 95,000 temporary workers for the holidays this year. Last season, UPS brought on 55,000 supplemental workers to help with package handling and delivery tasks. This rush in activity typically occurs between October and January and without this supplemental staffing pool, it would make vital business functions for UPS and similar companies difficult to complete.

The temporary workforce is a valuable piece of the economy and many organizations will continue to take advantage of services offered by an employer of record.

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