Employees given the option of participating in workplace health and wellness programs are more productive, have greater job satisfaction and remain loyal to their company longer. In addition, employers have lower healthcare costs, less absenteeism, and greater output. Find out how you can create/update your own health and wellness program to keep your staff happy.

Talk to Your Employees

Find out what your employees want most from a health and wellness plan. Perhaps they’ll say a discounted gym membership, company-sponsored runs/walks or healthy cooking classes. Follow through on providing what you can to support their needs and wants.

Utilize Technology

Fitbits, mobile applications, gamification and social networking are helpful when implementing health and wellness programs. Staff members enjoy competing with colleagues and computer games to reach personal health and wellness goals. Employees can announce their successes on social media and gain immediate support and encouragement. Staff are more likely to reach their health and wellness goals when the process is fun and has enough structure.

Keep Your Workplace Health-Conscious

Ensure healthy foods are available in your workplace, including at meetings and in vending machines. Your workers will stay focused on reaching their health and wellness goals when you support healthy eating habits.

Encourage Proper Sleep

Challenge your employees to get the right amount of sleep each night. They’ll be better able to wake up in the morning, feel less stressed during the day, and be more creative and productive at work.

Allow Flexible Work Hours

When your staff are able to come in later, take a longer lunch or work later to accommodate their personal needs, they’re less stressed and much happier. This contributes to their overall health and wellness.

Hold Walking Meetings

Because workers are sitting much of the day, walking while holding a meeting lets them be more active. Getting fresh air and exercise also improves creativity and productivity.

Lead by Example

Ensure all managers and other highly visible leaders are modeling proper behavior for health and wellness goals. This includes eating well, exercising regularly, wearing seatbelts, not smoking, taking breaks throughout the day and having a healthy work-life balance. 

By updating your health and wellness program, your employees remain happy and loyal to your company longer. For more help with growing your business, contact the professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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