About 21 percent of workers plan on changing jobs this year, according to a survey by Careerbuilder reported on in NJBiz. This figure is the highest it's been since the recession, and it's up from 2013 when the number was 17 percent.

One reason for the trend the article cites is the recent improvement in the economy, which is leading some employees to consider moving to better positions than they have right now.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder, writes "In general […] when more workers change jobs it's usually a sign the labor market is warming up."

Many of those who are leaving their permanent jobs would do well to transition into temporary work while they are looking for something more permanent. An article by AOL lists some of the best reasons for getting into a temporary position. For example, it allows people to begin working and earning a salary right away, and it bolsters their resumes while they look for work. It's better to have a temporary staffing position listed on someone's resume than a blank spot where the worker spent time looking for a new job, according to AOL. Additionally, temporary work sometimes leads to full-time hires. According to CareerBuilder, 43 percent of companies hiring temps plan to hire at least some of them full time.

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