As a recruiter, meeting with client companies means you have to promote yourself and your services. However, this is not always easily done. Learn how to put yourself at ease during interviews by focusing more on others and less on yourself.

  • Show Gratitude

Regularly practicing gratitude, especially before interviewing with client companies, increases your optimism and sense of wellbeing, which affects the moods of people around you. Therefore, writing down 10 things you are grateful for before meeting with companies will help others respond positively to you and increase your chances of being hired to help fill their open positions. 

  • Be Kind

 Regularly performing small acts of kindness, including before your interviews, gives you a more positive outlook on life, which affects how others respond to you. Perhaps you can compliment someone or hold the door for them. Interacting with others reminds you that there are other important issues needing your attention, which lowers your stress level and improves your mindset.

  • Dress Professionally Yet Memorably

 Dress as you normally would when interviewing with client companies, yet wear a distinctive accessory that’ll help the interviewer remember you. Perhaps you have a colorful scarf or unique eyeglasses you can wear. You’ll set your personal brand and stand out from the other recruiters meeting with the client companies, increasing your chances of being hired to fill their needs.

  • Accept the Water

 As you should do when meeting someone in their home, always accept the water, coffee, or other beverage the interviewer offers you. The interviewer will feel at ease, and you can take sips while thinking about what you want to say next.

  • Mirror the Interviewer

 Another way to put the interviewer at ease is by mimicking their ways of talking, gesturing, and nonverbal actions. For example, the interviewer may use a specific phrase while talking, and you can repeat that phrase in a question to show that you’re listening. The interviewer will feel validated knowing that you are processing what they are saying.

  • Write a Quick Thank You Note

 Bring a blank thank you card with you to the interview. When you’re done meeting with the client company, go to the lobby and write down your appreciation for the interview. Leave the card with the receptionist so they can give it to the interviewer. You’ll stand out from all the other recruiters who don’t express their appreciation for the interviewer’s time.

Take the pressure off yourself when interviewing with client companies by focusing on their needs rather than on yours. For further help with other behind-the-scenes recruiting needs, contact the professional staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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