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The Future of Our Economy Depends on Total Workforce Engagement

Posted on August 31st, 2017 with No comments

workforce engagement

By: Tania Fiero, VP of Human Resources 

Published By: GovLoop. 

Want to be your own boss?

If so, you’re in good company. Contingent workers — gig workers (i.e., temporary employees), freelancers (e.g., Uber drivers), and independent contractors (e.g., marketing consultants) — now comprise over a third of America’s labor force. According to Intuit CEO Brad Smith, 43 percent of the workforce will be contingent by 2020.

Contingent work is our future. Unless we listen to workers’ needs, our economy will suffer.

Despite the disenchantment of many contingent workers, alternative work arrangements are exploding. Forty-two percent of executives surveyed by Deloitte expect to increase, some significantly, their future use of independent contractors; only 16 percent plan a decrease.

Before a crisis occurs, we need to encourage loyalty and total workforce engagement from contingent workers, not just full-time employees.

Try as we might, HR and business leaders cannot do it alone. Policymakers must invest in this workforce with us. Until then, TWE cannot succeed. Contingent workers will continue to feel insecure, unappreciated, and less valuable than traditional employees.

Read the full article on GovLoop.

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