Now that millennials are beginning to outnumber baby boomers, millennials are taking over as the majority of your customer base. This generation has shared experiences and cultural upbringings that influence their views and affect their choices, including how and where they spend their money. Learn what’s important to millennials so your business model meets their preferences and your company continues securing their business.

  • Self-Service

Since they grew up using the Internet for basically everything, millennials prefer finding answers on their own. Over half will consult your company’s website before calling to find out information. Cater to this group by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-access Frequently Asked Questions section, trouble shooting guide, community forum, and/or blog on your company’s website.

  • Quick Turnaround

This generation wants efficient responses to their questions to resolve their issues. One-fourth of millennials expect a response within 10 minutes when reaching out to a company through social media. Otherwise they’ll move on to another company that’ll help them out sooner. Prioritize monitoring your company’s social media as highly as you do answering customer phone calls. Both are equally important for improving your company’s bottom line.

  • Non-Phone Options

Because the average millennial spends almost a full-time work week on digital media, ensure your company diversifies its customer service options. Email, live online chat, and step-by-step videos are among the digital mediums millennials prefer to resolve their customer service issues. Show your company cares about the group’s preferences by providing the help they desire.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Millennials won’t do business with companies that don’t efficiently resolve customer issues in a satisfactory manner. After one bad experience, one-fourth of individuals will look elsewhere to fill their needs. After three dissatisfying experiences, over three-fourths will conduct business with another company. Increase your customer retention rates and improve your bottom line by ensuring your customer service specialists are properly trained to quickly solve problems and satisfy millennials.

Because millennials have higher expectations from companies than previous generations, it’s important you meet their needs so they continue giving you their business. For further help with this or related topics, reach out to the friendly staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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