When making the decision to bring on a temporary workforce, it's important for employers to consider the effect it will have on current employees. According to Team Global, permanent workers may experience discomfort at the thought of temporary employees joining a company, and some may consider it a sign their positions are in jeopardy. It is therefore crucial to make sure the permanent workforce knows the company's intentions for bringing in temps. Communication is key here, and there are a lot of important things the permanent employees need to know.

Tell employees why the temps are necessary
Companies hire contract workers for diverse reasons in myriad situations. There may be a special project that requires a specific skill set, or the employer may want to add flexibility to the hiring and work schedule. There may also be a need for short-term replacement, such as for workers on maternity leave. Whatever the reason, it needs to be explained to current employees to give them time to prepare for the temps' arrival.

Stress company health is good for everyone
According to Monster.com, bringing in temps can help relieve burdens and keep existing staff from being overworked. Temporary workers can even stimulate or help foster company growth. In a situation where contract workers are necessary, an employer should tell current employees what the goal is in bringing in outside help and outline how this will be good for the company in the long run. Company growth could mean more opportunities for the current workforce to shine, and the addition of new skills in the company will ultimately reflect positively on resumes.

Ask for participation in temp onboarding activities
Temps are going to need training, and one way for current staff to feel more immediately at ease with the new workers is for an employer to incorporate them in the onboarding process for these new contract hires. Talent Bridge notes this can help temporary workers make an easier, more effective transition to the company. It will create a symbiotic relationship: The more adjusted the temps are, the more comfortable the permanent staff will be with them.

Reassure employees of their value to the company
Some workers may believe that when their company brings in temps, their jobs are in question. This feeling can lead to a lack of motivation or undue stress. For permanent employees to feel comfortable in the face of an incoming temporary workforce, employers should reaffirm confidences and stress the important part each team member plays in the company's operations. The core group of permanent workers is what helps a company function smoothly. Communicating how well they fit in their roles will help assuage anxieties over job security.

Above all, an employer should be honest and forthcoming about bringing in contract workers. Adding temporary workers can be a positive experience for everyone with the right communication. A happy, comfortable workforce is more motivated and performs better.

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