As a talent acquisition professional, you’re bringing in your company’s best workers. Because you have limited resources, here are some low- or no-cost ways to ensure you’re making a positive impact on your organization. 

  • Build Transparency

 Communicate the value of transparency to leaders and hiring managers. Let them know you want it to be a company focus. Hire staff who value transparency as well. Ask candidates to discuss a time when a project they were involved in went wrong. See how transparent they are with their answers. You can also develop transparency with staffing changes by announcing new hires, departures, and promotions by email. 

  • Learn to Say No

Learn when and how to say no. Stay with the facts. For example, if a supervisor asks you to complete a project in two weeks, and you know it will take eight weeks, say so politely and directly. Also, tie your decisions to the implications for the company rather than for yourself. For example, explain you’re putting certain tasks on your list for future completion because other agenda items will most likely grow the business.

  • Hire the Right People

Avoid looking at just the words on a resume when deciding which candidates to interview. Determination, interpersonal skills, and other pertinent qualities won’t come across on a resume. In addition, take advantage of all opportunities for promoting your company at conferences, meetups or other gatherings. Because small businesses typically lack name recognition, widely sharing information on your organization helps expand your applicant pool. Encourage staff to talk up the organization as well.  You’ll have better access to more quality candidates then.

  • Prioritize Open Requisitions

Get involved early in the requisition planning process so you know what it looks like. When you receive requisitions, determine how difficult filling each one will be and which are highest and lowest priority. Then develop an execution plan. Let the CEO know your ideas and ensure you have approval. This allows the CEO to sign off on your plan or clarify expectations.

  • Address Company Culture

When evaluating a candidate’s experience with your business, remember it starts when he researches your company. Ensure your leaders’ LinkedIn profiles accurately reflect the organization and highlight what sets it apart from other businesses. Use social media for communicating what’s unique about your culture. Encourage employees to share the posts with their networks. Know that the first eight hours on the job are most important. Ensure a colleague shows new hires around the company and takes them to lunch their first day. Remember that the small things are the ones that matter most.

Utilize these guidelines when recruiting quality hires for your company. For more help with acquiring top talent, turn to the trusted staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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