Technology is becoming increasingly valuable for helping companies grow. Find out four ways you can implement technology for enhancing your HR processes and improving your bottom line.


Measuring any HR function helps determine its efficiency, effectiveness, and impact on your business. For example, metrics may be used in determining your cost of hiring, including advertising, interviewing, and making employment decisions. You may use metrics for calculating your overall duration times for processes, and determining whether they are increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same over years. You may then evaluate whether those processes – especially ones with increasing duration – need improvement to better meet your business needs.


Analytics provide insights for effectively managing your employees and efficiently attaining your business goals. Knowing what data should be extracted and analyzed for modeling and predicting outcomes helps HR pros appropriately compensate workers, provide proper benefits, train and develop employees, increase retention rates, create effective succession plans, and improve company processes. Analytics gather data on employees’ personal information, performance, retirements and more, then interpret outcomes and identify trends to help HR make more informed business decisions.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps identify areas with the strongest impact on your company’s development so appropriate changes in HR policy may be created. For example, the efficiency and effectiveness of employment decisions and their impact on company growth may be evaluated. Through strategic planning with technology, you’ll develop a plan encompassing in which directions you want your business to grow, and what skill sets you’ll need from your workers. Additional funds may be invested in the areas that need development and will have the most positive impact on your bottom line.

Scientific Method

 The scientific method may be applied to the use of metrics, as well. For example, if an HR member notices internet sales are up, they may consult with the marketing manager about creating a new online campaign to increase profits even more. The HR rep may test their theory by having online sales tracked. If sales increase during the marketing campaign, the strategy was successful!

Ensure that your company utilizes technology for enhancing your HR processes. For further assistance with carrying out HR tasks, contact the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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