As a small business owner, you need to handle all HR compliance and risk management issues either by yourself or with an HR department. Trouble is, you don’t have time to handle the issues yourself, and as with anyone, HR professionals can make costly mistakes. Now may be the time to mitigate your compliance and risk management concerns by partnering with Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record.

  • You Can’t Comply with All Employment Laws Yourself

 Do you know how to properly classify employees and independent contractors? Failure to do so may result in penalties, additional taxes, and owing wages to workers. Are you aware of all the health and safety laws you must follow? You have to post related policies, keep records on how you comply with those laws, and allow safety inspections. Are you current on all wage and hour laws? You must be aware of minimum wage requirements, overtime, paycheck deductions, timekeeping and more. What about medical, dental, life, and disability insurance? You have to administer those benefits according to federal, state, and local laws and your company’s policies. Are you aware of how many vacation and sick days each employee has? What about privacy rights, discrimination policies, and other compliance laws you must adhere to? Being found noncompliant may result in expensive fines and lawsuits. 

  • You Can’t Perform All Necessary Pre-Screening Practices When Hiring

 You don’t have time for background checks, drug screens, and other pre-screening practices when bringing aboard new employees. You also can’t afford to not perform these valuable tasks, as they will help ascertain whether a candidate is the best person for a position and will most likely work productively for years to come. You’ll save time and money in the long run by performing these tasks and seeing whether red flags show up. In addition you need to have clear hiring policies established so there aren’t questions about if someone can be hired or not based on the results of the background check and/or drug test. 

  • You Want Another Company to Mitigate Your Risks

 You can mitigate your HR compliance and risk management by partnering with IES as your employer of record. We help you stay current with often-changing federal, state, and local hiring and employment laws so you avoid costly penalties and potential lawsuits. We’ll assist with pre-employment screening and compliance for safety and security issues, payroll, and benefit administration to lessen turnover and increase productivity.

Partner with trained professionals as your employer of record to mitigate your HR compliance and risk management issues. Reach out to the friendly staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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