When an employee leaves a company, there are certain standards HR administration must set to ensure that the worker's goodbye email doesn't ruffle any feathers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the goodbye email allows workers to announce their departure without having to go through the tedious process of meeting with each company employee individually.

"A goodbye email is a way to maintain your relationships at work," Laura Pulido, CEO of etiquette and protocol company The Protocol Institute, told the news source. "And the intent should be thankful, not boastful."

TLNT explains that HR administration can set proper expectations for employees following a departure.

Departed workers should be allowed to communicate directly with people they were close to during their time at a company. A manager should then send out an email to the rest of the organization, informing them of the worker's departure. That email should also relay how the former employee's specific department will handle the transition period, and if any additional hirings will be made. 

The manager should end the email by mentioning that any other concerns should be addressed privately.  

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