Networking online helps you research and connect with companies and professionals in your industry. You establish professional relationships that could lead to new jobs, consulting work, and more. Discover some essentials you’ll need for successful online networking and the benefits you’ll receive.

Tech Savviness

 Social media has a huge impact in the business world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are among the most popular networking platforms. You can easily build an online profile and post your own or borrowed content to educate and inspire other professionals. You gain exposure to other companies and people in your line of business with whom you may want to connect and potentially work with. You may be able to secure job or client leads, speaking engagements, writing opportunities, or other valuable career enhancements.

Measurable Networking Goals

Organize your networking approach before you take action. Think about what types of companies and professionals you’d like to connect with and what topics you’d like to discuss. Research those organizations and individuals on Google so you understand more about their background and objectives. Then connect with or follow them on social media platforms so you can begin a discussion about something relevant to their industry or job. When you get a response, answer back quickly and continue the conversation. As you develop a relationship over time, consider meeting in person to discuss potentially working together in some capacity, such as an employee or consultant.

Quick Pitch

 You’ll want to let others know in a few short, concise sentences how exactly you could benefit them professionally. Explain how your skills and experience may bring value to them personally or to their organization. When people begin online conversations with you, make sure you respond quickly with well-thought-out answers. Ask a lot of questions so you gather more information about the topic. At some point, you may consider meeting in person to better determine whether a professional relationship may be developed further. Perhaps you’re the person best suited for a role they’ve been looking to fill.


Networking online is an essential part of growing your career. Make sure that you connect with Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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