Business News Daily recently weighed the pros and cons of HR outsourcing services. In fact, there are many benefits to this. One is the ease of having another company doing the grunt work. A lot of time is freed up when the paperwork involved with employees is taken out of the picture. Companies can use the additional time as they choose, in order to properly run their business.

"My [HR back office firm] takes care of all of that with their team of experts so that I can focus on what I do well: sell more gluten-free bagels," business-owner Michelle MacDonald said. "And honestly, now more than ever, with all the health care reform, it's been great having them to take care of making sure we are complying with new regulations."

The second half of her quote speaks to the next benefit of hiring an HR outsourcing firm, which is the freedom from having to constantly train and re-train a department on the increasingly complex rules associated with human resources. If employees work in multiple states or if they have medical issues, than hiring an HR company to do the heavy lifting can both save time and help to avoid legal liabilities.

It's also becoming a popular trend. The Recruiter reports that the majority (over 90 percent) of outsourcing deals involve HR back office support. This includes even the recruitment side of the equation. Companies will hire HR firms to recruit, keep and fire their workers.

A HR services company can do everything a business needs it to do, including payroll services and hiring temporary workers, and it is specialized to do only HR work, potentially making it faster and better at HR than a company that only has an HR department.

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