In the past, being hired as a contract worker was seen as a temporary position at best. However, recent changes in the marketplace have led an increasing number of businesses to look to these employees when considering expansion.

Hiring temporary workers has become more and more appealing in today's uncertain economic climate, as it allows businesses a degree of flexibility and the opportunity to "try out" employees without making a serious commitment.

"Everybody's going to be a little gun shy at this point to scoop people up, just waiting to see if this economy is a hiccup or if we're really out of the woods yet," Paul Alberti, owner and president of Buffalo-based SPS, told Buffalo News.

Furthermore, many workers see benefits from the temp lifestyle – it opens up the possibility for a permanent position with a company while providing a certain degree of freedom, the source added.

Companies are increasingly leveraging this workforce, according to a new study from IQNavigator. Its IQNdex for Second Quarter 2011 found that temporary bill rates in the U.S. rose during the first two months of the quarter. 

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