According to research released by the American Staffing Association, the use of contingent workers rose 1.8 percent year-over-year in the second quarter of 2013. This is the 14th consecutive quarter in which the employment of temporary workers has risen. Though the growth in this industry has become more moderate, it is still an expanding field. The number of staffing jobs grew 3.7 percent from the first quarter, which is commensurate with the 10-year average for the same period.

The recovering economy still has plenty of room for contingent workers, as this information shows. It is common for temporary staffing to be the first area of employment that recovers after a recession, and that has been evident over the past 14 quarters of successive increases in that sector. However, there are other reasons for growth in contingent employment as well. Employers may need a specific skill set for a limited period of time, and many employees prefer the flexibility they get as temporary or contract workers. Employers and workers alike recognize the value of temporary work during a period of economic expansion, which is indicated from the ASA's data.

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