Temporary workers are on the rise, according to the latest study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Temp jobs rose by approximately 14,300 in May for a total of nearly 2.9 million in total. The penetration rate for temporary jobs was 2.07 percent in May. In April, the penetration rate was 2.06 percent. Unemployment stood at 6.3 percent in May, which is the same as it was in April.

Those seeking employment might do well to join the ranks of temporary workers, which are growing steadily. Temporary workers gain valuable job experience, and  Additionally, they can control their hours and select which jobs to take.

According to graphs by Staffing Industry Analysts, temporary help service jobs have been steadily growing since 2013, from 26.35 million in May 2013 to 28.59 million in May 2013. This data is seasonally adjusted.

The U.S. added a total of 217,000 nonfarm jobs in May, according to the BLS, which means the country has reached the number of jobs it held since before the recession. Additionally, according to research by Bloomberg Businessweek, the job gains were spread across most sectors of the economy. Sixty-three percent of all industries have seen job increases. The pace of job growth is also increasing.

FiveThirtyEight, a news site, predicts the U.S. gross domestic product will increase along with jobs growth. As GDP increases, companies will begin to expand, leading to more jobs growth.

An excellent way of maintaining a staff of workers that can increase or decrease on demand throughout this period of growth is to have temporary workers do jobs that might otherwise go to permanent staff members. There are temp workers for every field, and hiring them through an employer of record means companies will save money as they shop around for the perfect worker through a "try before you buy" approach. This way, companies have the employees they need, and they will gradually develop a list of employees they want to keep.

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