The payrolling departments in many Silicon Valley, California, offices may be adding new employees into their systems in 2012, according to a recent report from West Valley Staffing Group.

Researchers found that 91 percent of hiring managers in the area predict that they'll increase staff or keep their current employee base through the second quarter of 2012 – up 1 percent from last year's survey. Specifically, 39 percent expected their hiring needs to increase, while 52 percent projected that they'll have no change. Just 8 percent anticipate a decrease.

"Employers have indicated that hiring will remain steady and continue to increase in Silicon Valley," said Michael Williams, president and CEO of West Valley Staffing Group. "The second quarter of 2012 is the fourth consecutive quarter of reported employment growth, according to our data."

What's more, Silicon Valley companies are branching out, opening more offices outside the San Francisco Bay area, Bloomberg reports.

For instance, Facebook is opening an engineering office in New York and plans to hire thousands of workers this year, while eBay has expanded operations in Redmond, Washington, and plans to double its employee count to 150 by year-end. 

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