Hiring in the technology sector continues for staffing firms, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. TriNet Group Inc., an HR company, recently came out with its latest SMBeat report,. The reports are monthly assessments of professional employer organizations. According to TriNet, tech sector hiring has grown 1.87 percent  in the past month. Last month, the tech sector grew by only 1.76 percent. This means that hiring is growing, and it's speeding up.

Currently, the survey shows Atlanta growing the fastest in technology, with growth of 3.33 percent. Boston is growing at a rate of 2.92 percent. Silicon Valley's tech job openings grew by 1.92 percent.

In general, joblessness has been going down all over the different employment sectors. Marketwatch reported that jobless claims declined by 24,000 in the seven-day period that ended on May 10. Many believe this has something to do with Easter, which falls on a time that is hard to adjust for seasonally.

Regardless, this is good news for the staffing industry because it means that more people are working, and that includes working in the temp sector. Temporary work is an excellent means for someone to get out of a rut of unemployment and into the workforce again. Temps can train their skills while building their resume and getting a paycheck.

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