Because your employees spend so much time adding to your bottom line, it’s important you create the best possible work environment to help them achieve their professional goals and your business goals. Here are a few examples for changing your workplace from mediocre to spectacular.

  • Create a Stronger Feeling of Purpose

 Coyote, a UPS company working in transportation and logistics, wants to help secure more positive outcomes for their employees, customers, and community. The company offers a weekly 50/50 raffle where an employee may submit a charitable cause, such as a niece’s scheduled surgery or donations to a nonprofit organization, for fundraising. Employees donate money to the raffle and receive tickets. The winner receives half the donations, and the intended cause receives the other half. In many cases, the winner donates half their money to the cause as well.

The altruistic activity helps employees feel a stronger sense of purpose so they can lead and make better decisions at work. Employees feel they can make impactful decisions for customers, the community, and themselves, which leads to greater productivity and an increased bottom line.

  • Make Your Employees Company Owners

Sentry Equipment, which creates sampling equipment for monitoring and measuring key processes for industrial companies, allows their employees ownership in the business. Because of their Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), workers are more strongly engaged in working hard and achieving positive results for the company and for themselves. Employees continue improving their operations and innovation for increased output and a stronger bottom line.

  • Encourage Diverse Employees to Contribute to One Company

 Culturized is a company that helps larger businesses create more innovative, engaging, profitable company cultures. Founder Jason Richman believes that bringing together employees with diverse backgrounds, opinions, skills, and desires for reaching common business goals helps organizations be more successful. He understands that workers have varying wants, needs, and motivating incentives for increasing their work performance. Therefore, Richman advocates for employees being allowed to try new ideas, learn from their successes and failures, and receive feedback and coaching to move up in the company. This process empowers employees to think critically, solve problems, evolve, and grow the organization individually and collectively.

  • Hire & Support Top Talent

 For hiring high performers who fit company culture, clarify how candidates can have a strong career path, achieve long-term professional growth, and reach personal and corporate goals. Discuss what products or services are in the works, why candidates may want to join your business, and what they can expect personally besides getting paid for their services. Ensure candidates may have a work/life balance as much as possible, such as by working at home. Offer competitive compensation and benefits that satisfy financial and personal purposes, such as raises or paid time off for volunteering with a nonprofit organization.

These are just a few examples of how you can change your work environment from OK to spectacular. For further assistance with improving your work environment, including back-office tasks, contact the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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