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Study: millennial and mature workers share attitudes, positive energy

Posted on March 19th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

As HR administrations strive to assimilate different generations within the workforce, the latest study from Randstad found that workers categorized as millennial correspond with mature workers' positive attitude toward employment, despite their generational differences.

While previous reports concluded that the age gap within the workforce was "changing the nature of office life," the new study shows that the generations respond similarly in regards to their current job. Although the recession hit the millennial generation hardest, the most recent Engagement Study from Randstad discovered that 75 percent of the youngest respondents react favorably toward going to work everyday and feel inspired in their careers, while 89 percent of mature workers express the same sentiment.

Morale is higher amongst the two groups as well, with 69 percent of millennial workers and 64 percent of mature workers reporting "a positive energy at work," in contrast to only 53 percent of the other generations.

"In looking at our study findings, companies can dive into what engagement and retention drivers are aligned and not aligned across the different generations to identify and prioritize the largest opportunities to improve employee engagement within their organizations," said Jim Link, managing director for Randstad U.S. "As the average age of retirement continues to increase, employers are not only seeing a wider generational gap amongst their employees, but they are also seeing more generations sitting side-by-side in the workplace than ever before."

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