Temporary staffing revenue has grown by 10 percent year-over-year in May, according to the most recent Pulse Survey Report by Staffing Industry Analysts. Additionally, staffing companies reporting growth rose 2 percent to reach 73 percent of all firms.

This means the business community in the U.S. is becoming accustomed to hiring temporary workers to fill jobs that might otherwise be handled by full-time employees. There are many benefits to a system in which the full-time employees are all in managerial positions and temps fill the rest of the office functions. For example, it can be cheaper to outsource labor versus keeping an in-house staff. Additionally, temporary workers can be sifted through as they work, so only the best of the bunch can be kept on in permanent positions. This is the so-called try-before-you-buy approach.

In further news, the New Jersey Senate has advanced a bill that will give additional rights to temp workers, according to the New Jersey Law Journal. These rights will put temps on the same level of protection as full-time workers. This is certainly something they deserve. Temporary workers can work as hard and be as useful as full-time staff, and they deserve equal treatment.

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