Revenue for staffing companies – such as an employer of record – increased sharply in June, according to the latest Pulse Survey Report by Staffing Industry Analysts. The number of respondents who have experienced positive revenue growth year-over-year has increased from 73 percent in May to 82 percent in June.

This speaks to the possibility that temporary workers will one day become the norm in businesses. This is good because companies can expand or contract as they see fit, as well as use temporary staffing as an effective means of reaching out to customer bases quickly and strongly without making a major commitment of resources that would result in a greater cost if permanent workers had been hired.

Further details of the survey show that median year-over-year revenue has accelerated. In the industrial segment, there is acceleration of 13 percent, and 9 percent acceleration in the IT field.

An unusual assignment
Although IT and industrial work is great for temping because it features work that is scalable in size – so many units of finished goods per day, or so many projects to work on – temporary workers can be used for nearly any job.

For example, in Santa Clara, California, the water district is considering whether to spend $500,000 to fund temp workers to go out into the field and educate people about wasting water, according to the Palo Alto Patch. Part of their job would actually be to search out and stop people who are already using too much water. Currently, California is facing major a drought problem, and if the government can save money by hiring temps, then the money it saves can be put to work at fixing the droughts. The government is currently in talks with several staffing firms to find the best fit for the job.

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