Many at the annual Staffing Industry Analysts' Executive Forum are showing confidence in the staffing industry, according to Leslie Vickrey, writing for The Staffing Stream. She writes that the staffing industry, particularly temporary staffing, is in the midst of a positive economic cycle.

"Historically speaking, we likely have another two to four years of strong growth before another economic recession or correction," Eric Gregg, CEO of Inavero, a client survey company, said. "Now is the time to invest, grow and put the things in place to outpace competition during the next economic downturn."

Many believe temporary workers will be the driving force behind this growth. Particular fields to watch, according to Vickrey, include the IT industry, where the biggest "game changers" exist.

In related article about the executive forum on The Staffing Stream, Phil McCutchen wrote about the importance of understanding the talent revolution. Because of the ease that comes from hiring through an employer of record, adjusting staffing on the fly has never been simpler. Company structures accordingly will change and become more flexible, adapting in real time to changes in the economy. Employers in the future will have both fixed and flexible job locations due to the expanding global marketplace.

Needless to say, staffing firms will become ever more important in this new world.

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