According to the Gwinnett Business Journal, the labor market is moderately improving. Consumer spending – which accounts for 70 percent of the U.S. economy – has picked up.

The news source adds that with the slight uptick in consumer spending, some sectors – primarily retail, automaking, manufacturing and healthcare – have begun hiring again.

This hiring trend has lead some companies to increase their recruiting staff in the anticipation of further hiring next year.

"Nationally, the staffing industry has added 500,000 jobs over the last 15 months through its clients," John Neff, CFO of Duluth, Georgia-based employment agency Hire Dynamics, told the news source. "But there’s been a big shift. There’s clearly a trend of hiring temporary before moving to full-time – a try it before you buy it mentality." reports that in 2011, seasonal hiring has also seen an up-tick in demand. As millions of jobless workers and recent college graduates flood the workforce, many small businesses are aggressively pursuing a strategy of taking on seasonal workers who can be converted to permanent employees if the economy continues to move upward.

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