The American Staffing Association's staffing index has reached a 24-week high of 98. This is an increase of 4.59 percent year-over-year, and an increase of almost 1 percent from last week. The staffing index measures weeks starting from Monday and ending on the following Sunday. This week measured June 9 through June 15.

Any increase is great news for staffing firms, as it means that companies are hiring more temp workers than last week. Temporary workers are becoming an increasingly common part of the office as employers discover how much money they can save by hiring through an employer of record in order to avoid the paperwork associated with employees. Another method of avoiding this extra labor is by hiring a payroll outsourcing services company.

In related news, The Conference Board's consumer confidence survey showed improvement once again this month. It reached a level of 85.2, which is a dramatic increase from 82.2 in May. The confidence survey measures how consumers feel about the economy, and therefore their likelihood to make purchases versus save money. With the measurements going up, consumers will buy more products, and businesses will likely expand. This is excellent for companies all around, and for staffing companies in particular.

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