According to a new report from Bullhorn, a staffing software provider, the majority of successful candidates for a position are submitted within 24 hours of a job posting. The study researched 1,000 successful job placements over the past two months, of which 95 percent were for contract workers. Researchers found 57 percent of candidates who were ultimately hired were submitted for consideration within 24 hours of the job posting going public.

This indicates speed is vital in this sector of the staffing industry. Placing workers in contingent positions requires submitting them as soon as possible once the posting is live. This necessitates having a list of qualified candidates who are ready to take on work available at all times. There is no room in the timeframe revealed by Bullhorn's study to recruit new prospects every time there is an opening. Recruiters and staffing agencies should take note of the speed in the process. If it is necessary to adjust their usual practices to meet the pace of demand, they should look into doing so. According to the study, speed is only becoming more important as time goes on.

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