With the economy still shaky, some small businesses may not feel comfortable with the idea of hiring a new employee full-time. Rasmussen College online instructor Michael Mancini Jr. explains to the website AllBusiness that contacting a temporary staffing agency is an acceptable alternative solution to growing a businesses.

The author explains that temp agencies have a pool of talent with a variety of skill sets waiting to send to in-need businesses. One of the advantages of a temp agency is that they handle all of the background paperwork, including immigration check, criminal background check, a drug test and, if needed, a credit background check.

In addition, the author adds that temporary workers may have different proficiencies that they learned from other companies while on similar temporary assignments. Skills like advanced computer knowledge may be taught by the agency prior to sending out an applicant's resume, improving the chance that they could assist with administrative work if needed.

According to The Desert Sun, temp agency Labor Finders screens and tests candidates to determine their strengths, and sometimes even provides training in programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Also, if a temp worker has grounds for termination, releasing an unwanted leased worker involves a simple call to the staffing agency requesting a replacement, while managers must consider state employment laws prior to termination of full-time employees.  

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