The National Restaurant Association's May 2014 Tracking Survey reports that job growth for restaurants is increasing. Sales for all restaurants totaled $683.4 billion in revenue. Currently, there are 13.5 million employed in the restaurant business. Additionally, 25 percent of restaurant owners say they plan to employ more people in the next six months. Only 10 percent of owners plan to cut positions.

These numbers include restaurants with as little as 50 or fewer employees, along with restaurants that are single-unit operations. It includes larger restaurants like quick service and fast casual dining establishments, as well as gourmet dining.

In other words, the restaurant business could be well on its way to growth for temporary workers. Temporary workers are available in any field. Companies can try out a worker before hiring him or her, to see if he or she would handle the high pressure environment of a restaurant. Additionally, if there are more workers needed for a special catering event, then temps can be hired with ease.

Restaurant expansion is part of a larger trend of growth. The Census Bureau reported that the U.S. employment services sector is growing, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. Revenue in this part of the U.S. economy grew 9 percent year over year.

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