Dealing with piles of paperwork for your HR, payroll and other back-office functions is a thing of the past. Learn how partnering with Innovative Employee Solutions will save you time on paperwork and provide additional benefits by acting as your employer of record.

Cloud Hiring/Payrolling Services

With IES’s cloud payrolling services, our Recruiter Portal provides recruiters, their clients, and new hires online access to all aspects of their hiring and payroll processes. Recruiters can easily and securely input information and keep track of new clients and new hires while having access to downloadable forms.

Online Onboarding

Recruiters’ clients and employees will appreciate our online onboarding as well. They’ll have easy access to new hire paperwork, applications, timecard submission and approval materials, weekly paystubs, year-to-date earnings information and more. They will also have access to forms, benefits information, employee handbooks, and more through our Employee Center.


When outsourcing your HR, payroll and other back-office functions to IES, you achieve nearly perfect accuracy. Because we’re accountable for every part of business we handle, you’re assured the highest quality work.


Because we offer direct deposit, IES processes your payroll in a timely manner and makes sure your workers are paid correctly and on time. IES also files and pays payroll taxes so you avoid late fees and penalties. In addition, we handle bank reconciliation for payroll processing so you don’t have to.


Because laws change often, IES uses the most current technology to stay updated on HR, payroll and other issues involving outsourced services. Rest assured knowing your work is in the hands of professionals with top resources available for all your back-office functions.  

 Time & Money Savings

Performing HR functions and processing payroll in-house costs time and money. With IES’s cost-effective services, you’ll save time & money that can be redirected to aspects of your business that bring in revenue.

 Seasoned Experts

When partnering with IES, you gain the knowledge & expertise of top-level professionals. Our seasoned experts keep current on changes in compliance, payroll and other laws affecting your business.

Reduce your paperwork by partnering with IES as your employer of record. Get in touch with the professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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