Are you thinking of expanding your business to include contract placements, but you’re worried about added costs, risks, and additional work? Turn to Innovative Employee Solutions as your Employer of Record to take on the burden and liability of hiring contingent workers.

  • Increase Profits

Sourcing, vetting, and interviewing candidates yourself is time consuming and expensive. IES’s nationwide placement capabilities help you generate new revenue by helping you hire temporary workers in all 50 states and internationally. Our recruiter affiliate program helps you expand your network and generate new leads virtually anywhere.

  • Pump Up Productivity

Working for yourself means you manage your own hiring, billing, and collections. Our superior, stress-free back office support frees you from the billing process. We provide client billings and collections and your weekly profit checks. Our comprehensive Web-based processes make onboarding your temporary hires, special project workers, interns, seasonal workers, or retirees easy, even in tight time frames.

  • Reduce Costs

Working as an independent recruiter, you’re responsible for your own employee benefits and insurance. With our wide range of workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance coverage, you’ll receive an immediate savings of up to 25 percent compared to what you’re paying now. Because IES represents companies nationwide, we’re able to offer employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and employment insurances at lower costs.

  • Minimize Risk

As an independent recruiter, you assume all responsibility for tax obligations and accept legal responsibilities and exposure associated with your position. Your client companies want to ensure workers being paid as contractors comply with all laws to avoid costly IRS penalties and high legal fees.

Companies often don’t have the time to perform due diligence, and don’t possess enough human resources expertise to know whether a worker is legally an employee or independent contractor. When utilizing IES’s services, you reduce your risk of non-compliance with local, state, and federal laws through our comprehensive 1099 screening process. We evaluate each worker, job description, and nature of the employment relationship to determine a worker’s independent contractor eligibility, and provide regular re-evaluations for qualifying contractors. This process significantly reduces your risk of misclassification errors by complying with all employment regulations for 1099s, temporary, or out-of-state hires. Our expert legal compliance has you covered in all areas.

Because of our leading human resources and payroll outsourcing solutions, thousands of recruiters nationwide have turned to us as their Employer of Record. To see how you can benefit from our customized services, reach out to Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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