Why invest all kinds of time and money into checking out an applicant’s background? It’s necessary for company safety and to ensure applicants will be positive additions to your team. But moreover, it’s for your peace of mind.

  • Security Clearances

After 9/11, companies have become vigilant about workplace security and safety. Demand for security clearances in private and public sectors with access to classified information or facilities is on the rise. Most government and defense contractors and other personnel must hold a security clearance to secure property or buildings. After all, protecting our country is of the utmost importance.

Because of the time and money invested in security clearances, hassles of dealing with justification issues mandated by contracts, and the transient nature of contract employment, security clearances pose unique challenges to companies needing contingent workers. Let IES provide your security clearance solutions. We’ll initiate new investigations and manage and maintain current clearances for employees assigned to work on classified contracts.

  • Background Checks

Make better hiring decisions by bringing aboard the right people. Know whether potential hires actually worked at the jobs they put on their resumes and possess the skills and experience they claim. You need employees who hold themselves accountable for their quality and timely work performance that’ll increase company output. Negligent hiring can lead to risks such as employee injuries, high turnover, and low productivity.

The best predictor of future performance is a person’s history, which is why you need to screen potential employees before hiring them. IES can perform pre-employment screenings that include detailed, thorough background checks on your behalf. Our services allow you to hire employees with confidence and peace of mind.    

  • Drug Screening

In the competitive staffing industry, you can’t afford to have your workers be less productive due to drug use. Employees on drugs pose threats to themselves, co-workers and the public, and your bottom line. Drug users are more likely to get injured on the job and incur more medical expenses than their colleagues.   

Let IES facilitate drug screens on your behalf. We offer five- or 10-panel drug testing nationwide with online access to chain of custody forms for your employees’ convenience. In most locations, you can have test results from five panel drug tests in just a few short hours.

Trust Innovative Employee Solutions to handle your workers’ security clearances, background checks, and drug screenings. Reach out to us today to get started.

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