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Overhaul outdated employee benefits administration solutions

Posted on November 19th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

New technologies are changing the way workforces function and human resource departments must adjust their practices as a result. The way workers are viewing their benefits has evolved and employers are looking to leverage health coverage, pensions and other perks to retain staff and attract talent.

The Actuarial Post reported workforce demographics are changing, which is adjusting the way benefits are introduced to new hires. Because the economic downturn has left many businesses strapped for cash, increased salaries can no longer be used to entice new talent. Instead, comprehensive health and retirement benefits are a major selling point to most workers, and human resources departments must focus on HR administration. This can aid in accurate delivery of benefits and information to ensure all the perks are utilized when bringing on new hires or retaining existing talent.

In addition, the source discussed how new technologies are allowing human resource departments to disseminate information to workers in all departments more readily. Data on benefits, changes to coverage or new opportunities can be shared quickly and efficiently with all workers. Human resource professionals can track access to information across all departments and work to manage benefits education and enrollment more effectively with communication and data sharing technology, the source reported.

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