As testament to the growing importance of temporary workers in the U.S. economy, organizations are now asking for temp employees to be covered under new guidelines from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health outlined 15 recommendations on their website to enhance the safety, training and administrative research of temp workers in potentially dangerous industries. The recommendations were sent to OSHA in conjunction with the National Staffing Workers Alliance and the American Public Health Association.

The organizations, in particular, hope to thwart issues resulting from insufficient communication between staffing firms and host employers. For example, if each company – staffing firm and host employer – expects the other to provide safety training or personal protective gear, temp workers could be placed on the job without vital knowledge and equipment. On the other hand, by articulating which company must supply what, OSHA can ensure a degree of protection.

By specifying which company should report injuries or illness, OSHA can collect more accurate data, the organizations contend. Furthermore, when undergoing inspections, the groups recommended that OSHA  be able to contact staffing firms to investigate if workers had been properly trained and suited.

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