When human resources departments are vetting candidates for positions, they look at a variety of factors such as education, experience, references and personality. However, some experts are now touting creativity as the new recruitment buzz word.

Measuring creativity in an applicant can prove difficult for an HR administration, though. With this in mind, Australian psychologist Dr. Amantha Imber developed the Inventium Creative Aptitude Test to predict the types of behaviors future employees would demonstrate in the workplace by addressing topics such as dealing with office problems, learning new skills and communicating with fellow workers.

"This tool will help companies find employees who will think differently to solve problems, who can generate ideas and help the business grow," said Imber in a statement. "Creativity isn't just about coming up with great ideas and executing them, it's also about finding a new way to solve a financial or staffing problems, making processes more efficient and engaging employees."

Companies such as Kleenex and Huggies have already adopted the recruitment tool after finding it difficult to ascertain which applicants show creative characteristics.

Similarly, a growing number of businesses are using personality tests to find employees who would fit their specific office cultures and needs. These tests help companies create an intellectually and emotionally diverse atmosphere.

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