Since the staffing industry is always expanding, you need to stay competitive by continually recruiting top talent while filling your business clients’ needs. To further set yourself apart from other staffing firms, you also need to anticipate and take part in these latest industry trends.

  • Strategic Partnering

You want to build meaningful relationships with candidates, vendors, and client companies. Relationships are the core of everything you do, so cultivating those relationships into strategic partnerships is beneficial on many levels. Offering training, benefits, and retirement plans and rewarding temporary employees for good work helps you retain top talent. When you treat your workers well, it shows through their quality output. Your client companies appreciate your workers’ effort and are willing to pay you a premium for it.

  • Attracting Passive Candidates

You need to attract passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for new jobs, but will change positions if the right opportunity comes along. Passive candidates are often high quality, experienced hires who are easily engaged in their work, causing them to focus more and create greater output. By strategically partnering with client companies, you’ll be able to show passive candidates why those companies are great places to work. When passive candidates decide to become placements and work for your client companies, you’ll increase your bottom line.

  • Building Talent Communities

You want to build a strong pipeline or community of talent to continually re-deploy workers. Perhaps your top candidate won’t move across the country at this point, or a passive candidate isn’t looking to change jobs yet, but he knows someone who is. By measuring and tracking where your best candidates come from, you’ll discover your most beneficial sources to produce the best hires who will help focus your recruiting efforts. Cultivating a talent pipeline ensures a continual pool of qualified candidates to choose from when a new job order arrives. Connect with top professionals on social networks, send invites to professional networking events, and take part in other activities to ensure you stay on the forefront of their minds.

Adopting these three industry trends will help you stay competitive in the staffing services industry. For more help on keeping ahead of the competition, reach out to the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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