U.S. job growth has risen, according to Staffing Industry, citing the Conference Board's employment trends index. The reading rose to 127.89, which is an increase of 7.6 percent year over year. With companies hiring new people, it will become important to choose the right workers in this kind of market.

"The employment trends index suggests that strong job growth is likely to continue through the first half of the year," Gad Levanon, managing director of macroeconomic and labor market research at The Conference Board, told Staffing Industry. "As a result, wage growth will accelerate, thereby increasing pressure on profitability which is already suffering from low productivity growth and the strong dollar."

Hiring people is difficult, and turning to an employer of record is often a good idea. When choosing which employee to work with, it can help employers to have the perspective of seeing a contract worker. This person knows that he or she could be hired for the position, and will work hard to prove him or herself. Meanwhile, other employees at the office will be watching the new person to see how he or she fares in the job environment.

Hiring for attitude
Leadership IQ, an e-learning site, recommends that employers hire for attitude. Currently, the market is such that there are so many job openings that managers want to fill, it can be difficult to really take the time necessary to slow down and choose someone appropriate for a position. Additionally, there are many people who have graduated and are looking for work. Although they lack experience, they might have the right demeanor for the job, and therefore could be trained to fill a job. By using temporary workers to fill spots, employers can educate employees about a position and help them grow into the business. This will lead to a stronger worker overall than hiring someone who has already received training somewhere else.

Most new hires end up leaving the job before the year is over, Leadership IQ wrote. One of the reasons is they didn't have the right spirit for the work. They grew tired of doing the same thing every day because it wasn't something they were passionate enough about. Hiring for attitude could therefore result in finding someone who is really a good fit both personalitywise and professionally. Taking the time to locate an individual who is ready for a full-time job in a certain field is better than quickly picking someone who may not stay.

Working with a temporary services firm
When beginning the application process it may help to talk with an employer of record, as these companies often have a very good understanding of who their are. Because the employee has worked for the temp services company for a long time, the manager in charge of that individual will know where he or she would fit best in a temp-to-hire position. This is a kind of boutique recruiting because the temps have been proving themselves for a long time, and a temp agency generally is very happy to provide advice about which person to hire for a job.

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