StartWire, an Internet jobs board, released its latest Job Seeker Confidence Index, which indicates those looking for work were feeling more confident in May than in previous months. In particular, the manufacturing and production sectors showed a major increase in confidence. This may be because the U.S. economy is picking up steam, and jobs are opening up again.

The question arises of how companies can best expand their businesses without losing money through employees that were hired too hastily, without a testing period, or through the waste that comes through an inefficient HR program. One of the most efficient ways to hire talent is through an employer of reference, which allows for companies to hire temporary workers without risking a full-time hire that may not be appropriate for the job.

Another way to save money is by hiring HR outsourcing services. This is a direct reduction in a business's structure, streamlining everything.

These tips may come in handy for hospitals, as Forbes reported nursing practitioners are becoming much more in demand due to the influence of the Affordable Care Act. The number of physician assistants and nurse practitioners has jumped by 320 percent over the past two years. Companies can keep up with demand while maintaining strict quality standards by hiring temps.

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