Contract workers are a crucial part of IT, according to 69 percent of those in leadership roles for an IT department, Staffing Industry Analysts reported. Additionally, 35 percent of IT leaders expect temporary workers to make up between 11 and 25 percent of their total IT workforce. At the moment, only 25 percent of respondents believe those numbers represents their current staffing situation. In other words, many predict the IT world will continue to progress in its reliance on temp workers for the help it needs to get ideas off the ground and do work.

Additionally, 68 percent of IT leaders believe their contingent workers meet working expectations.

A continuing matter of concern in the staffing world is the question of who pays for Affordable Care Act (ACA) costs, according to a blog by Subadhra Sriram on Staffing Industry Analysts. Last year, staffing buyers were asked how much they would expect to pay for ACA costs, and most of them answered 80 cents. When suppliers were asked the same question of buyers, they said $1.50. Since that time, the bridge between the two numbers has begun to narrow. Sriram recommends customers think of the ACA costs as sales tax –  they cannot be negotiated because they are part of doing business. At the same time, the question of how much is absorbed by the supplier and how much by the buyer is still up for debate.

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