In another optimistic sign from the tech industry, 52 percent of North American IT firms plan to raise headcount, according to Computer Economics' annual IT spending and staffing benchmarks study. The survey asked over 200 IT groups what they plan to do for staffing.

Many of these staffing jobs can be filled by professionals in the temporary services industry. Temporary workers with the right experience are not difficult to find. There are many people who want to work their own hours and choose who they work with. Additionally, some temps have been laid off from other positions and want to keep their skills sharp while earning a paycheck.

The study found the median headcount for IT staffing will rise by about 1 percent this year.

With improvements in the job outlook for those who seek IT work, it is no wonder people in other industries feel confident about finding work. However, it is by no means as easy as it was to find a job in the past. In a report by Monster Worldwide, it was found 68 percent of survey respondents are moderately confident in finding a new job in today's economy. However, most people (72 percent) fell it is more difficult to find a job this year than last year.

A great way to get a job is by applying to an employer of record, which is a staffing agency that will employ workers and help them find temporary jobs.

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