Keeping up with technology is a constant struggle. From annually upgrading our phones to buying sleek, recipe-suggesting refrigerators, we strive to stay on top of modern life.
And when I say “we,” I mean Innovative Employee Solutions, too.

Although we’ve always been tech-focused, we recently upped our game. After receiving dozens of clients surveys — thank you! — we learned that technological improvement should be our top priority. You asked; we listened.

Over the next 12 months, IES will be rolling out a new online services platform. We’ve baked in features that polish the user experience, added self-service options, and improved the informational exchange between our systems and your own.

My favorite update, though, has to do with data. Currently, our internal team compiles client analytics reports. The new system is configured for on-demand analytics, making reporting and optimization more efficient for everyone involved.

You Win With IES’ New Software

But that’s just the start. Our switch to this new system will save your organization money in seven ways:

1. You can speed up your workflow with mobile.
Generation Z and Millennials want modern HR software, and they’ve certainly gifted us with a deeper appreciation for mobile-ready technology. Certainly, some of our current systems provide mobile access, but a complete overhaul means more mobile features and fewer bugs.

For example, once the new system debuts, you’ll be able to enter and approve timecards from your phone or tablet. Just imagine how easy onboarding could be with mobile-friendly W-4 completion and benefits enrollment.

2. You can directly access your data.
Want custom reporting 24/7 from anywhere in the world? Our new portal has you covered. No more waiting. No more explaining exactly what data you need. No more feeling guilty for last-minute requests. Always-on analytics around your company’s contingent workforce means less guesswork and faster decision-making.

3. You can enjoy self-service.
IES’ new system puts you in control. Whenever possible, we’ll give you the reins to make benefits changes, run reports, add new team members, view paychecks, update employee information, and review past tax filings. All that and more will soon be at your fingertips.

4. You can take fewer steps across fewer systems.
What’s the fastest way from Point A to Point Z? Through a straight line, of course. Our technological refresh will reduce the number of software systems and ensure our remaining ones communicate well with one another. You’ll be able to sign into a single portal to update and view your data in a comprehensive dashboard.

5. You can exchange data with clients and vendors in real time.
We recognize that you work with different vendors and dozens of clients, just as we do. That’s why our new software will make data exchange easier than ever. As transactions occur, you’ll be able to view information without waiting for batch processing to finish. When our vendors plug into our system, they’ll receive 401(k), benefits management, and Affordable Care Act compliance data on a near-instant basis.

6. You can promise world-class onboarding.
Onboarding sets the stage for a successful employee-employer relationship. Our upgraded system will speak directly with your applicant tracking system, eliminating data duplication or the need to distribute paperwork. Our goal? For you to spend more time with your new hires and less time fumbling with their data.

7. You can rest assured that you’re compliant.
From overtime pay proposals to potential ACA changes, the compliance landscape is constantly changing. And because we work with so many different industries, we’ve designed our software to change with it. No matter your compliance challenges, our flexible technology will keep your company compliant today and far into the future.

You want to spend money wisely, and so do we. Our new software will cut costs while aiding your objectives in areas like onboarding, compliance, and analytics. Are you ready to scale your business using the latest technology? We sure are, and it’s all thanks to you.

Peter Limone is the president and CFO of Innovative Employee Solutions, a leading nationwide employer of record that specializes in human relations and payroll services. Founded in 1974 in San Diego, IES has grown into one of the city’s largest women-owned businesses and been named one of its “Best Places to Work” for 10 years in a row.

Peter joined IES in 2011 as the company’s corporate controller. He was promoted to CFO the following year, and in 2013, he was also named company president. Prior to his work at IES, Peter worked for 3E Company, where he oversaw integration of the company’s accounting, financial, and tax systems. He has also served as division vice president of finance and information systems at Follett Software Company.

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