Employees today are armed with a plethora of technological devices, such as tablet computers and smartphones. Contract workers, temporary workers, part-time help and salaried employees all have unprecedented access to the latest electronics, and an increasing number of professionals want to integrate their personal devices into their workplaces' networks.

"It is certainly a hot topic, and getting even more attention as companies add more software and applications," Jim Tate, operations liaison director for PC Helps, a software and mobile device support company, told Business News Daily. "People find it inconvenient to carry two or three devices and they just want to use their own device for doing everything."

Workers who bring their own devices into the workplace create both security concerns and IT issues for the employer of record as they open the door to malware and data leaks.

If a company plans to allow personal devices onto its network, the HR administration must first craft a thorough and specific policy that explains access limitations, software requirements, where liability falls and what to do in case of loss or theft of a device connected to the workplace. 

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