HR administrators should educate their organizations' managers about the temporary workforce in order to ensure they are well-treated and respected during their time at the company.

Lance Richards, senior director and global practice leader of the human resources consulting practice Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group, notes in an article for Human Resource Executive magazine that the number of employees who prefer temporary work is increasing as many value the "free agency" benefits of this arrangement. There are numerous highly-skilled workers who prefer the flexibility, higher pay rates, assignment duration and opportunities to expand their experience and skill sets that come with contingent labor.

In its Global Workforce Index for 2010, Kelly Services also found that 20 percent of those surveyed are working outside of the traditional employment relationship as freelancers, consultants, independent contractors or free agents.

When hiring temporary employees, it is important to remember to give them the necessary email, building, security and software-system access, notes Richards. Companies should allow the employer of record to manage paychecks, training, performance reviews and disciplinary actions for temporary workers, and should work with the staffing company to make sure that roles and responsibilities are clear.  

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