Business consultants recommend growing your company by outsourcing non-revenue producing functions. Learn which functions these are, and how IES can help.

Outsource Non-Income-Producing Tasks

Payroll, human resource administration, back-office support, security clearances, pre-employment screenings, and independent contractor compliance are required tasks that don’t directly increase sales.

Tax withholding, reporting, and remittance; electronic filing requirements; and knowing when to file at federal, state, and local levels is complex work. Understanding wage and hour laws, new-hire reporting requirements, and unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance is complicated.  They all require heavy compliance to avoid large IRS fines and penalties, and take away time and money from your core business.

IES provides trained professionals to help with all your outsourcing needs through every step of the hiring and payroll process. We can take on all your nonessential back-office responsibilities and free you up time to focus on generating new revenue. You’ll save money and time while you increase your bottom line.

Access Expertise & Technology

As an employer, you deal with thousands of complex, always-changing federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations. Hundreds of new ones are enacted annually. The Affordable Care Act itself imposes complicated reporting and compliance requirements. New technology is the only way to efficiently keep up with all these demands. Due to having more employee records to keep and report, the demand is even greater for a growing company such as yours.

IES provides up-to-date technology along with experts in all our outsourcing fields. Leave all your non-income-producing tasks in our capable hands to quickly and efficiently complete your work while maintaining compliance with all laws.

Reduce Costs and Risks

Outsourcing cuts your costs and limits your risks. Having an accurate time and attendance recordkeeping program, complying with all tax laws to avoid IRS penalties, and transferring risks to IES lets you focus your time and money on income-producing activities, while your administrative tasks are completed by experts.

IES lowers your overhead costs by decreasing necessary office space and staff members. We save you time by doing complex, tedious work for you. Best of all, we free you from the risks of managing payroll and other responsibilities.

Let us help your business grow without adding to your workload. Reach out to Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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