CareerBuilder recently released its Q4 job forecast, and parallel with year-end hiring trends from last year, jobs are expected to be slightly more scarce than usual over the next three months.

A total of 21 percent of employers anticipate hiring full-time workers in Q4 – a slight decrease from Q3 but similar to this time period last year.

Temporary workers are also likely to see a slight decrease in demand, as 27 percent of employers plan to hire contract workers in Q4 – down from 32 percent during Q3.

Approximately two-thirds of employers are worried about the lack of talent in specialized positions. According to a recent study from Applied Economic Strategies, the skills gap may be due to a mismatch in skill-set. A total of 86 percent of newly created jobs during the economic recovery are in healthcare and education, leaving approximately 1.1 million construction workers and 560,000 manufacturing workers without an applicable industry to work in.

"While hiring is historically slower in the fourth quarter, recent world events and a structurally impaired U.S. economy are causing employers to be a little more guarded," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. "Job creation levels are not yet high enough to drive down the unemployment rate."

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