“Road warriors” who travel across state lines weekly to visit clients or colleagues from other offices, attend meetings and conferences, and handle business are ideal for cultivating business relationships and increasing the company’s bottom line. However, paying these employees, withholding and paying taxes, complying with state and federal laws, and following other payroll requirements can become a nightmare. Payroll becomes more complicated when employees work in multiple states. Learn how IES can help you avoid stress while saving you time and money by handling payroll for you.

Case Study

A world leader in technology-based products for mobile payment systems and services with 80 international locations came to IES for help. We had enjoyed a nine-year business relationship with them until they ended it in hopes of saving money by performing the services themselves. A year later the company came back requesting the quick, reliable, accurate services they know IES provides. They cited our quality and level of service, along with our knowledge and ability to do a better job for their employees than they were able to manage in-house. The company was impressed and pleased with the smooth transition that finished more quickly than they expected.


Finding a service provider for payroll and human resource services to accommodate workers at nationwide and international locations can be challenging. Quickly recruiting and hiring workers for special projects or indefinite employment situations can be difficult.

IES Solution

IES helped a valued client regain lost time and revenue with the quick, seamless implementation of customized, nationwide HR and payroll services the company knew were reliable. We quickly handled the application and hiring process; assumed responsibility for paying their workers and employment taxes; and provided the company with required insurances: workers’ compensation, liability, bonding, and unemployment.


IES saved the client 25 percent on workers’ compensation insurance for over 45 employees. The company now spends 20 percent less time on administrative tasks of managing employees, saving them  over $140,000 annually. The client’s time and money are now better invested in core functions that grow the business and increase profits.

You don’t have to choose between saving time or money for your company. Contact Innovative Employee Solutions for help with both today!

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