According to a study by Development Dimensions International, a consulting firm, and Electronic Recruiting Exchange, a web-based recruiting resource, successful companies utilize five specific practices that help them stay ahead of the competition. These practices help find the right workers for the right jobs, which improves employee productivity and retention, the quality of products or services, customer satisfaction ratings and overall financial performance of each business. Find out what those best practices are and how you can apply them to your organization.

Automated Resume Screening

 Automated resume screening saves your company time and money in the hiring process. Screening, organizing, and accessing resumes becomes much more efficient when software performs the work. You may even decide to have a computer help with additional interviewing tasks to streamline the process even further.

Candidates Telling Stories About Using Their Skills

 When interviewing potential hires, have them describe how they used their job skills in past positions for company success. Candidates who can effectively relate how they used their knowledge and experience in situations similar to what will be expected of them in your organization show a greater chance of successfully working for you.

Assessing Candidates’ Motivation to Work for You

 Simulations and assessments are effective ways of measuring potential hires’ knowledge and abilities for open positions. These tests help determine how in line a candidate’s motivation for taking a job is with your company culture and role expectations.

Gauging Job Skills with Simulations

 Simulating tasks that an open role requires shows whether a potential hire is equipped for the position. Because it’s important that the tasks pertain to what the candidate would be doing on the job, simulations will vary among different departments within the organization. For example, production worker tests will differ from executive tests.

Promoting from Within the Organization

 When filling mid- or senior-level positions, hire from within your company whenever possible. By training your employees for leadership roles from the time they start working with you, they’re better equipped for taking on new responsibilities when needed. Your staff already understand your business, and you already know each worker’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll save time and money by not hiring an external candidate who knows nothing about your organization and takes longer to onboard.

Use these five best practices for hiring top talent. For additional assistance with growing your business, contact Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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