Finding qualified workers to fill open positions remains a challenge, according to a new survey by Express Employment Professionals, Staffing Industry Analysts report. Eighty-three percent of Express franchises reported it was either "somewhat difficult" or "very difficult" to recruit for positions.

"My advice to employers is to recognize that you won't always find the perfect fit — at least in the short term," said Express CEO Bob Funk.

One great way to find someone qualified is through hiring via temp services. Companies can take their time searching for someone with the right soft skills. Because there are so many under-qualified candidates in the ordinary workforce, many companies will naturally look toward employers of record with experienced professionals.

This also speaks to the potential incentives for people who are thinking about whether or not to enter the temping industry. Temporary workers with enough skills will be rewarded with job opportunities they might not have anticipated from the staffing industry. Those in particular who are thinking of retiring would have a great opportunity to choose their own hours. This is especially useful for retiring baby boomers who want to have a little extra money. By working a couple of days a week, such people could have enough money to do as they like with the rest of their time. The skills that baby boomers have would put them well ahead of many of the young people who have just entered the work force.

Finding the perfect fit might become easier in the long run, however, according to Milwaukee Biz Talk, as more temps than ever have begun to enter the industry. Employers in the staffing field could be standing on the threshold of a new era where many more temps are working than before. Staffing has grown from being a $55 billion dollar industry in 1995 to a $120 billion dollar one in 2013, and in June of this year, 10,100 temporary jobs were added.

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